Redback boots are one hundred percent made in Australia. The boots have, during four generations, been produced by the same family; the Cloros. Members of the Cloros family work in all areas of the company, including the factory, to ensure top quality of the boots.


RedbackSweden is a small family-owned company located a few miles north of Uppsala. We started the import of Redback Boots after visiting Australia and discovering these fantastic boots.
Redback Boots are one hundred percent Australian made and owned. The Cloros family who operate the business are 4th Generation boot makers. Family members work hands on in the factory every day, to ensure the highest standard of production quality. The name “Redback” comes from the poisonous spider which is related to the Black Widow. RedbackSweden are general agents for Redback boots in all of Scandinavia.


Without Steel-toe

Here you’ll find our boots without steel toe.

With Steel-toe

Here you’ll find our boots with steel toe.


Åkaregatan 5: 12
754 54 Uppsala

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